Guest Access Card to Storrs Ave. Doors – Main Library

A heads up that LIS will begin accepting applications for ADA guest access cards to the Main Library Storr’s Avenue Dorrs as of Nov. 1st.

For general Access Information, please refer users to the brochure available at the Info Desk.

Application forms are available at the Main Circ Desk in the forms file.
Completed applications will be accepted at the Main Circ Desk.
Please forward applications and refer any questions about eligibility to Doreen Bernier, LIS Administrative Assistant in Lib 250E-F (behind the equipment area in the LIS Administrative offices).
This application is only for guests of the library. Faculty and staff should apply to Human Resources and students should apply to the ADA office.
Access is given only when the library is open to the public.
Access cards will be issued only to those who have already been issued a Disabled Persons Placard or License Plate from the State of Vermont.

Service Animals for LS

Please be aware that we may see service animals in the libraries.
The need for service animals is not always apparent or obvious.
Service animals may accompany one time visitors or they may be here to assist summer students, faculty or staff.
Service animals are trained to be in areas such as classrooms, dining halls, libraries, dorms etc., though not all service animals are approved/registered for indoor campus public use areas.

Currently there is only one guide dog on campus that should be allowed in the libraries.

If students are entering the library with what they claim is a service animal, they should be in touch with Jodi Litchfield. If they are faculty or staff, they should contact Laura Carotenuto in Human Resources.

In addition, please feel free to direct any concerns or questions about service animals to Elin.