Weekly report 2-5-19

Circulation Weekly Report

Date: 2/5/19

Name: Dan Frostman


  • Gate count January: 27,601 (down 1,500 from last year – J-term was dead)

Highlights: (Progress towards Goals, accomplishments)


  • Quiet now, but fairly busy last week
  • Poster session last week
  • Winter reserves off, spring going on
  • Searching monthly lists
  • Spring schedule set

Davis Family:

  • Monthly lists and stats
  • Everyone working on evals
  • Cleaning and charging all equipment
  • Stackmap demo
  • Hours adjusted in Sierra for Spring


  • Will start weeding bound periodicals
  • Flurry of returns late last week
  • J-term carrels back and we have plenty for next week


  • Winter off, spring on
  • Working on eval
  • Scheduled follow up meeting for BLSE
  • Separate BLSE meeting scheduled to discuss weeding and facility


  • Nothing of note