Weekly report 3-26-19

Circulation Weekly Report

Date: 3/26/19

Name: Dan Frostman


  • 405 PS multiple copies weeded to date

Highlights: (Progress towards Goals, accomplishments)


  • Very quiet
  • Recycling some current periodicals

Davis Family:

  • Shifting M3s
  • All-library meeting
  • Starting to think about web redo
  • Kim out
  • A few clean-up and shelf reading projects for break


  • Catching up on reshelving from lots of returns last week
  • Shifting in the NKs


  • BLSE follow-up meeting – onboarding, wireless, printing, etc.
  • BL reserve lists coming in
  • Planning out 7 articles for the Crumb, to coordinate with posters and social media


  • Not much

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