Weekly report 8-1-17

Circulation Weekly Report
Date: 8/1/17
Name: Dan Frostman

• Gate counts (Davis/Armstrong)
o July, 2016: 38741/8578
o July, 2017: 39264/10358
o Increase across branches of 5%
• Web requests processed for July: 736!!!
• Circs, Davis
o July, 2016: 6897
o July, 2017: 7434 (increase of 7%)
Highlights: (Progress towards Goals, accomplishments)
• Plotter down for poster session last Thursday – fixed now
• Waiting to get new ILL computer
• Fall student schedule filling slowly
Davis Family:
• Circ sub position posted
• Monthly stats and lists run
• Dan prepping to be out for two weeks
• Fall calendar entered
• Library hours updated through January 1st
• Finished weeding PQ – on to N
• Returns picking up
• Thinking about microfilm shelving crunch
• BLWC prep: signage, binder, schedule, reserves
• Fall term requests coming in every day

• Down one student staff for remainder of LS at Armstrong – staff covering
• Ornery patron requesting a lot of ILLs
• Patrons annoyed with availability of bikes
• Phil “retiring” at end of LS after nearly 16 years!

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