President’s Course on Water

President's Course on Water

Heads-up to anyone who helps students find things-

Next week, the first President’s Course at Middlebury and Midd-Monterey will begin. It’s called Water in an Insecure World: Symbol, Resources, or Commodity (INTD 0285A). 20 Middlebury students and 20 MIIS students are enrolled in the course. In addition, alumni have been invited to follow along separately. You might receive questions like the ones below….

Where and when does the course meet?

  • For enrolled students at Middlebury, the course meets on Monday nights downstairs in LIB105a. (Part of each session will be spent online in a group videoconference with MIIS students, and part will be smaller in-person discussions on each campus.)
  • Alumni have been invited follow along at their own pace separately.

Where is the course website?

  • For enrolled students, there is a Canvas site. Middlebury students will get to the site via the Middlebury course hub. They’ll need to log in, then look for a link under “Resources.”

Where are the course readings?

  • For enrolled students, nearly all of the readings and videos are available via MIIS E-Reserves. To access the resources in MIIS E-Reserves, students need to:
    1) Log in to the Canvas site for their course, which they can get to via the Middlebury course hub
    2) Go to the syllabus, which provides the MIIS E-Reserves link and password
    3) Log in to MIIS E-Reserves and search for instructor Brayton, Patton, or ZarskyIn addition, there are two books required for this course. They are available on both campuses via Print Reserves. The books are not available via E-Reserves.


More questions? Ask Carrie (, x5018) or Bill (, x5002).

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