Circ laptops and wireless (or, “The Death of Midd-Standard”)

As some of you may have heard, Midd-Standard will become extinct on Monday 1/25. This means a couple of things for circ:

1. We can no longer give guests the Midd-standard password. Well, we can, but it would be useless to them and they’d probably get mad. Instead, direct them to this page: where they can create a quick guest account.
Go/guestwelcome/, go/guestwireless/, and go/wirelesswelcome/ will all take people to the page above.

2. The student laptops will no longer automatically connect to Midd-Standard. However, thanks to our good friends int he Helpdesk, they will now magically connect to Middlebury College wireless MAGICALLY without an Ethernet cord! The Dells that are currently out will need to connect once WITH the Ethernet, so we’ll need to catch those when they come back. Along with a few Macs, but I put a note in those records.

3. Faculty laptops will technically no longer need to login with the Ethernet at the desk. In real life, though, we should still have them login (and for now, WITH the Ethernet, since I didn’t go through all of those and make sure they were updated with the change) to make sure things are working before they fly to Burma. But within a few weeks, we should be able to get rid of the cord.

4. iPads will not connect to Midd-standard, so anyone using them (us included) will need to actually login to Middlebury College.

Let me know if you have questions.

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