Circ meeting minutes 10-30-14

Present: Dan, Kellam, Terry, Todd, Lexa, Janine, Kim, Nancy

* Short dongle presentation by Danielle Madison. Janine will make up a visual cheat sheet to hang on the storage cabinet.
* Janine went over the summary of Active Threat safety proposals based on procedures at other NEXpress schools. Ideas include a panic button at circ, having student EMTs wear some kind of identifier while in the library, and a camera at the entrance to the building. Terry will look into the possibility of closing to the public earlier (card access). We should also look into more advanced First Aid training.
* Dan asked if there was any reason not to have a 3-day loan for camcorders and tripods. General agreement that that would be fine. Dan will work on loan rules.
* Short discussion on values to give to Terry and the directors. Patience, Calmness, Responsiveness, Follow through, Consistency, respect.

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