Circ meeting 5-22-14

– Dan gave a brief update on the FMMC equipment meeting he attended this week – nothing was decided and Dan will keep everyone posted.

– Bike update: Bikes are done for the semester and will not continue over the summer. May return in the Fall.

– Overall, the semester went very well. Students were good, reserves survived without Kellam.

– 24/7 – security company has not impressed of late, we will plan to collect student cell numbers to hand out to overnight workers.

– All circ staff will be signing a confidentiality agreement. Dan will send out.

– Kellam reports that Tuesday 6/17 is the BL pickup date for facilities. We will probably go up to set up on Thursday 6/19.

– NExpress seems to be past the bumps created by the lack of server upgrades midway through the semester. Still a few straggler items coming through.

– Reshelving is looking better than it ever has at this time. Carrel returns are more work (checking each one in person) but ultimately worth it.

– No update on Armstrong situation.

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