NERCOMP student management summary

From Shawn:

The NERCOMP workshop, Student Empowerment – Enhancing the Education of Students Through Practical Job Opportunities was set in a lecture-like class room similar to one of our smart class rooms. This would be the 2nd time I have gone to this workshop. Joe, Stew, David and I were the furthest traveled participants. Although we did bump into Joe Antonioli who was at a different workshop in the same conference center. Below are the links to the presenters’ power points.

The work shop consist of four lectures; Sharon and Ben from Clark University,
Lavette Scott-Smith From Boston College:,%20Reach%20the%20Heart,%20Lavette%20Scott-Smith,%20Boston%20College_443.pdf
Bill, Christine and Susan from Quinnipiac University:
Adam, Chris, Loriann, and Casey from Yale:

Although, every presenter was from a technical back ground, the concepts could be used with a circulation or library student worker. Some colleges held strict rules while other were more relaxed. Everyone agreed that even though workers were students 1st we had to hold them to some form of work standard because it would had been an injustice for them when they started working in the “real” work force.
Every presentation showed how each particular school ran their operations. Everyone was slightly different. For instance Quinnipiac relied heavily on students. Two of the presenters where students in a supervisor role and there was one manager, Bill, who oversees them. Yale had many managers who were once students.
Overall the workshop was informative and it was interesting seeing how different yet similar each school operated and treated their student workers. The one concept that was apparent with every school was that we all enjoyed working with students and that certain functions of the colleges would have been very challenging to operate if it wasn’t for student workers.

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