Weekly report 12-7-11

User Services Weekly Report
Date: 12-7-11
Name: Dan Frostman
Circulation Services – Circ, Reserves, and Stacks

• Notes I missed in the Messiah performance because I was watching the score of the Packers game: at least 5
• Number of items marked missing in November: 33 – the fewest all year
Highlights: (Progress towards Goals, accomplishments)
• End of term craziness
• Plotter VERY popular
• ILL, NExpress steady
• Hooray for Sexual Harassment training!
• Course review forms handed out at circ desk
• Working on Spring schedule
• Hired new student for J-term
Davis Family:
• 24/7 transition has been smooth – doors locking correctly, lights a little weird
• Mac adapters and headphones VERY popular
• Got a new supply of backup cords for the LCD projectors
• Lots of student subs, snacking
• Very busy at the desk
• Keeping everything straight is enough
• Lost and found cleaned, displayed
• Interviewing and hiring for J-term, Spring
• Working with senior students for tweaking of training
• Passed algebra exam!
• Collected November stats, ran lists
• SLA work
• Computer upgrade!
• updating iPads to iOS 5 (obnoxious process)
• Hired and trained a new student to help with re-shelving
• Re-shelving
• Fall, Winter, and Spring reserves all coming in
• Prep for copyright presentation
• Attended security and tech tools presentations
• Prep for BLSE meeting

Web team: What to do after focus groups?
Space Team: n/a
CT Team: Segue decommissioning plans

• Tried to track down a missing printer for the Helpdesk
• Google calendar is wonky
• When people swear they returned something, you credit their account (after having billed them) then they return the thing they swore they returned. Grrrr…

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