Equitrac copy card refunds

If anyone comes to the circ desk asking for a refund for money stored on their Equitrac copy card, here is the procedure:

A circ staff member will read the Equitrac card, note the amount of money left on it, as well as the user’s name and ID number, and send an e-mail with that information to the helpdesk for a refund. The helpdesk will apply the refund when they are able (we will advertise within a week, but generally these are done within a day or two). The cards can be thrown out once the email has been sent to the Helpdesk.

Guest Equitrac refunds will be the same process. If a guest does not have a PaperCut account, they’ll have to open one in order to get a refund. This will involve buying a Papercut card at the Cafe. Understandably, some people might be upset by the fact that they have to buy something in order to get a refund, but this is the option that is place.

We will offer refunds through November 1st, 2011. The reader for the Equitrac cards (to see the amount left on the card) will be installed sometime this week. This will only take place at Davis – please refer anyone at Armstrong looking for a refund to the Davis circ desk.

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