Sneak Preview

Please  check out these two new video tutorials created by our librarians.  They may be the first in a series, and we’d like to know what students think of them!

Questions for you to ponder:

  1. Do you think these are useful?
  2. Any other thoughts to share?
  3. Do you think short, visual tutorials like these (in general) could be useful?
  4. Any suggestions for topics to cover in future tutorials?

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5 Responses

  1. Both videos for RefWorks and Go/lib are easy to understand and they are designed in a way that it allows you to know exactly where to go when you need an information. I think they will be helpful because they addressed the types of questions I could see myself asking if I ever had trouble finding information.

  2. PS: I always struggle with finding data so may be a tutorial on helpful databases will be helpful. I also think that the demand for the types of topics you could cover will really depend on students’ departmental studies.

  3. I would echo Awa in that RefWorks and Go/lib are easy to understand and they are both user-friendly. I wonder if it would be a good idea to send an email to students and faculty members to remind them about these two shortcuts which are great for research at one’s fingertips.

  4. I think these are absolutely useful! And yes, video tutorials like these can be very useful! Suggestion on the go/lib: while breaking down each section is helpful, perhaps if you could show where it is on the larger page for the features like the ‘ask a librarian’ where one might lose the frame of reference from the larger page!

    Other tutorials… I’d second Awa for one on how to effectively search in a database (like Jstor for an article/review for a specific piece). And perhaps this is more helpdesk territory– but how to use middfiles!//sync to the Middlebury network. If I think of more I’ll be sure to share! Thanks for this!

  5. Thanks for all of this feedback! It’s really helpful. Good advice about shortening the text and providing a better frame of reference for the go/lib tutorial. In our next iteration (the library site will change over the summer), we’ll work on that.

    We’ve noted your recommendations for future tutorials too. Keep them coming!

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