Staffing Changes

I wanted to update you all on some staffing changes at Circ.
Kellam Ayres has officially been promoted to Reserves Coordinator, though as you know, she has been the Queen of Reserves for some time now. Congratulations, Kellam!
Steve Bertolino has been promoted to Reference and Instructional Librarian, and will soon be leaving the Circ equipment kingdom and moving across the Davis Library to his new office. Thankfully he will not be going far! Hurray for Steve!
Shawn O’Neil will be joining Circulation Services, and may have a temporary home behind the Main Circ Desk, before moving to Armstrong. Many of you may know Shawn from his work with the Helpdesk and Media Services. Welcome, Shawn!
Rich Church, Circ Stacks supervisor will (joyously!) be retiring on June 30th, after shelving, shifting, dusting and organizing many, many, many miles of books, and other library materials. Rich will have a new temporary home next to Kellam until the end of June.
This is also my last semester and June 30th will be my last day at Midd Circ. I am moving to Dummerston, VT, and though this is a very happy change for me, I will miss you all and this job very much!
We are currently in the process of interviewing candidates for 2 positions in Circ – and I will update you again when I know more.
You may also see lots of activity throughout the Main Library as staff across LIS move into different offices and work locations. So if you don’t find someone in their usual location, please check the Midd Directory for the most up to date info.
Seniors, you are also leaving Midd soon and I suspect that this is a bittersweet time for you as well. This year Circ is witnessing an unprecedented number of graduating seniors, and you will all leave a BIG gap in Circ Services.
Our Circ motto of “change is our tradition” seems quite appropriate this year! 🙂

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