Paging and Retrieval Services

A reminder that – effective today – web requesting for materials with available status has been turned off for on-campus borrowers. Please be aware that we may still receive requests for help with locating and retrieving materials – both in person, by email and by phone. Please assist and help as needed.
As always, if an item is reported missing, please place a hold on it for the borrower, then search for it. If found, check it in to generate the hold, print hold slip, and place on hold shelf. If not found, cancel the hold in Mill Circ, change status to missing, and send a cancellation notice to the requester.
LP’s and oversize VHS (Umatic) will have to be retrieved by Circ staff from “closed” stacks.
Persons with disabilities who are unable to read spine labels or to reach books in the stacks may still place a request with Circulation Services to have items retrieved from the shelf. Please keep in mind that disabilities may not always be obvious – a person with disabilities should not have to explain why they need assistance.
Please refer questions and concerns about this change in requesting policy to a Circ supervisor. Feel free to be in touch with me with any questions.
Thanks for always being helpful. 🙂

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