“Research-How to Help” Training and Homework

As Elin told you earlier this week, you can expect to receive more requests for help with research at the Circ Desk this year.  Reference librarians are still available, but they’re probably a little harder to find.  We need you to help us connect researchers with resources–including us!


  1. Read the new “Research-How to Help” page on the Circ Wiki.
  2. Add a sample question for us to use in training:  a) Log in to the “Research-How to Help” page; b) Jump to the “Students/Staff: Add example questions…” section; c) Click “edit”;” d) Record a question you’ve received at the desk.
  3. Attend a training session: a) Monday, October 5, 12:15-1:15, Lib 105; or b) Tuesday, October 6, 4:30-5:30, Lib 105.

You’ll be paid for attending the training session.  Attendance is strongly encouraged.  Earn and learn!

See you on the 5th or the 6th,

Carrie Macfarlane and Brenda Ellis

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