New Reference Service Hours

Message from Reference Librarians:
Please remember that librarians are here to help with research – don’t hesitate to refer our students, faculty, staff, and guest users to us for help.
-Weekday mornings, call x5496. Any librarian in his/her office will pick up.
-Sunday afternoons and Weekday afternoons, call x5496 and/or look for the “on duty” sign outside one of the ref offices (rooms 206-211)
-Sunday-Wednesday evenings, call x5496 and/or find us in Special Collections
-At all times, questions can be sent to us at go/askalibrarian

We are cutting out some scheduled hours of service during low demand time (determined by our reference statistics). The main change is that we will no longer have librarians on duty Thursday nights and Saturday days. We are also ending scheduled hours on Fridays at 4pm. For our hours, see go/refhours. For who is on duty, see the Ref calendar in outlook or look for the signs or call x5496 (more on this below).

As in the past, when we do not have a specific librarian scheduled, it may still be possible to get reference help. This would primarily be in the mornings when we are often here. However those hours won’t be scheduled or guaranteed (there are times we are all unavailable in meetings, teaching, or away, etc.). To determine if someone is available, call the reference phone number (x5496), which rings in all the librarians offices.

There may be some questions that other service points can answer (ex. finding known items such as a book by a specific title, etc.) but questions can always be referred directly to librarians when we are available. We are working on some training documentation now and will offer training sessions for circ students and staff and help desk students in the near future.

During our afternoon scheduled shifts, the librarian on duty will be in one of the ref offices on the main floor (rooms 206 – 211). Librarians who already have an office on this floor will simply be on duty in their own office. Librarians from other floors will use Library 207. During our evening scheduled shifts, the librarian on duty will be in Special Collections (thus we can provide general reference service and access and help with Special Collections as well).

To help with getting our users to us, we are making signs for the lobby (for evenings) and to post on the office of the librarian on duty (afternoons). That should be in place sometime the first week of classes.

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