Mills Requests Work-flow in 10 EZ Steps

Be on the look-out for Mills requests.
Here is a reminder of the work-flow for Mills requests:
1. Patron logs in to Midcat at Mills, places a request to be picked up in Mills- California
2. Paging slip is generated and sorted by Main Circ
3. If item is not on shelf, a standard cancellation notice will be generated by Main Circ and the item status will be changed to “missing”
4. If on shelf, item is pulled, and then checked in, which will put the item in transit to Mills. Paging slip is placed in the item.
5. Circ will cancel the hold using the new Mills hold cancellation notice. This will alert the patron at Mills that the item will be shipped to them shortly.
6. Item is placed RUSH on Cataloging shelf @ Circ; or delivered immediately to CM area
7. CM and LS Liaison evaluate item for transfer or ILL
8. If replacement item is available, item will be transferred to the Midd at Mills campus collection
9. Cataloging will edit and mask bib record; add 949 field – which creates an item record at Mills; item will be visible in client (loc omill), but not in MidCat; ILL will ship
10. If replacement item is not available, SKIP step 9! Item will be processed as an ILL, shipped by ILL, and returned to Midd campus

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