Courtesy Hold Shelf

The courtesy hold shelf is used for several different things.
1. A place for temporarily holding library materials that are not checked out. Item status – available. The borrower may have an overdue or may have forgotten their card. You can offer to hold the materials they would like to borrow for 24 hours.
NOT to be used for holding library materials that are checked out. Instead, check in and place a system hold so that item reflects accurate system location and status.

2. A place to hold video and DVD cases that are returned to the library without a disc or part/booklet. Notify borrower – do not check in. Item status – checked out.
NOT for music CD cases returned without discs or booklets. Return to Music Library – do not check in. Status – checked out

3. A place to hold miscellaneous things that need to be picked up – usually left there by LIS staff.
NOT to be used for picking up media services equipment – media service equipment is held on the media shelf in the equipment closet.

NOT for lost and found

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  1. IF you do place something on the temporary shelf for a patron, PLEASE make sure you use the long form( conveniently supplied on the shelf) and enter patron info and date left.thanks

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