SciFinder Scholar moving to web-only

In case you receive any questions in the next few weeks about SciFinder Scholar:

Our access to the client version of SciFinder Scholar ends on May 8.  After that, the SciFinder application that is loaded on library (and other) computers won’t work.  We’ll only have access to the web version.  To use SciFinder web, each person must create an individual account.  Instructions are below.  I’ve notified chem students and faculty twice.


From: Macfarlane, Carrie Miyoshi
Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 3:47 PM

We now have a web version of SciFinder Scholar (Chem Abstracts).  It has some detractions, but overall I think you’ll find it preferable to the old version.  We have the old version only through April 2009, so please try the web version ASAP.

To use SciFinder (Web version):

1. SciFinder (web version) is accessible to Middlebury users from any on-campus or off-campus computer.  Hooray!
2. Web version requires a SciFinder account. Before using SciFinder (Web version) for the first time, please create an account <>   from an on-campus computer.
3. Once you have a SciFinder account, use it to login here: SciFinder (Web version ) <>
4. Access is limited to two searchers at a time.  When finished, please log off.
5. For future reference, links to SciFinder are at: <>   (see either Chemical Abstracts or SciFinder Scholar).  To use SciFinder from off-campus, you must use the links on this page.

Please also note:

1. We will have both the old version and the new version through April 2009. After April 2009, we will have only the web version.
2. Help documents for SciFinder web can be found here:  <>
3.  If the “Full text” link doesn’t bring you directly to the article online, click on the ChemPort “Find at Midd” link, or check our journals list at <> .

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