ScienceDirect login

Recently, a student asked for the ScienceDirect login at the Armstrong circ desk.  This question is asked frequently, so please be sure you know how to answer it.  Here’s what to do:

1.  Search for the journal title (not the article title) at  This will tell you what issues, if any, we own of a journal.  In some cases, we might own issues of a ScienceDirect journal in print or through a source other than ScienceDirect.
2.  If we don’t own the article, search NExpress at
3.  If no NExpress libraries own the article then you can recommend the student request the article at

These instructions also can be found in the Sciences research guide.

As always, if someone asks you a resource-related question that you’re not able to answer and I’m not in my office, please leave me a note.  Because a circ student left me a note, I was able to help the student get his article from NExpress.

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