Films for Scheduled Screenings

A quick reminder that Circ will continue the trial work flow for setting aside films that are scheduled for Media Services screening support.

To summarize:
Films that are scheduled to be screened by Media Services staff will be set aside the morning of the screening by Circ staff – after cleaning, repairing (if needed) and verifying availability.
On the day of a scheduled screening, films may not be borrowed prior to the screening.
Students may borrow films after a screening, or on any day prior to the day of the scheduled screening, and regular reserve loan guidelines apply.

This only applies to films that are listed in the daily Media Services screening schedule. Films are listed in the daily film screening schedule only when a faculty member requests that Media Services staff provide technical support to a class screening.
If a faculty member has a film on reserve and will be screening the film themselves, we do not set aside the films.
Remember – you can adjust due dates and loan policies for the faculty who placed the film on reserve for their course. If a film is on reserve for more than one course, we cannot adjust loan period.

There were no problems noted with this change during Winter Term, and initial feedback from our students employees at the front desk has been positive.

It is important that we document all feedback regarding this change. Pass on all comments.

Please stress to film screeners – at the time of check-out – the importance of returning films immediately after a screening so that they are available to students who may have missed the scheduled screening.

Thanks for your support. Please pass along all questions and concerns.

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