Procedures for main campus libraries for Davison Library delivery


Davison Library: X 2740
Bread Loaf Inn front desk: X 2700
Apple Cellar @ Davison Library: X 2741
Bread Loaf Administrative Office: X 5418


BL borrowers will have a *BL* after their name
Borrowers will not receive hold notifications for Midd or NExpress items

Process paging slips in the Mill Circ Notice system (mnotices/mnotices)
A minimum of 3 times daily – morning, early afternoon, and evening – or more frequently to ensure timely request processing and delivery

Incorporate BL requests into existing Midd, NExpress, and ILL paging and retrieval workflow.

BL requests have priority over main campus hold requests
NExpress have top priority over everything

During the summer Main Circ will take primary responsibility for paging of materials for Midd requests – Main campus and Davison requests

Check daily that items for Bread Loaf are not placed on the Main hold shelf

• Sort all paging slips by branch and type (Midd or NExpress)
• Place pending NExpress requests in clear sleeve on red NExpress cart in ILL area next to Kate’s desk
• Place pending Midd main campus library and Davison requests in clear sleeve in 250B on the Davison Processing Cart
• Fax paging slips to branches for retrieval
• Armstrong fax – 2016
• Music fax – 2332
• Branches: items for BL borrowers will auto check out to borrower when scanned at branches; send to Main in courier bin; do not scan in again at the Main Library; place items from branches directly into Davison bin.
• For items being held at main campus locations – follow standard procedures and check in to generate hold or transit status
• Double check pick-up location – do not use borrower address on paging slip as pick-up location

• Sort out all requests going to BLSE
• Retrieve items
• Check carefully for pick-up location – some BL borrowers may request pick-up at other locations
• Auto check-out: Scan item barcode in Check-in Mode – items will check out automatically to any BL patron type: message box will say “item on hold for X borrower and will be checked out automatically, print slip to place in book?” Do not print slip – use paging slip as the hold slip. Message will note “item has been checked out and is due on X date”
• Please note! Watch the screen!
• Some borrowers/requestors (academic year staff working at BL) will not be BL (patron type 160) and will not have a **BL** after their name. When scanned, items will go “in-transit” to Davison (and “on-hold” to the patron). Call up the patron record (verify that you are in the correct patron record; check out item; place in bin.
• Requestors at BL (academic year staff working at BL ) who are not ptype 160 will not be identified when scanning a NExpress request
• Please edit record and change patron type to 160 as needed. Edit record and add a note “Change back to staff after BL” (so we can create a list at the end of the summer to change ptypes back)
• Some requestors with **BL** may request pick -up at Main. In this case – place requests on the hold shelf at Main – already checked out. Check paging slips carefully for pick-up location when sorting. Do not send items for pick-up at Main (or Arm or Mus) to Davison
• Fold paging slip in half lengthwise, write the name of the borrower on top – above the date; insert into book – with name and date facing the front of the book
• Desensitize
• Place in Davison courier bin for delivery to Davison hold shelf – items should be status “checked out”

Items that cannot be requested through the web:
• On reserve
• In-lib-use and non-circulating collections
• Items with hold location Davison Library (BL borrower may retrieve from shelves; priority is given to BL borrowers for Davison materials; exceptions can be made through the client)
• Checked-out – do not recall if at all possible – advise borrower to place a request through NExpress

• Requested through ILLiad by borrower with a pick-up location of Davison
• ILL requests for delivery to Davison will be delivered to Main Circ for scanning/check-in with all other ILL and NExpress materials
• Main Circ will separate out Bread Loaf items; follow standard procedure for scanning and verifying item records etc.
• Check out Bread Loaf items @ Main Circ to BL borrower (verify that you are in the correct borrower account) and stamp/write today’s date on green band (so we can track when it was placed on the hold shelf at Davison)
• Borrower will be notified by ILLiad e-mail

• Requested through NExpress by borrower
• NExpress requests for delivery to Davison will be delivered to Main Circ with all other ILL and NExpress materials
• Main Circ will separate out Bread Loaf items; follow standard procedure for scanning and dating
• Check out @ Main Circ to BL borrower (verify that you are in the correct borrower account) and stamp/write due date on blue band

Requests that cannot be filled:
Not on shelf – missing
• Call up by barcode in search/hold
• Verify that you are in the correct record
• Click on hold tab
• Highlight hold
• Select option to cancel hold
• Select option to cancel hold and mark missing
• Select appropriate cancellation notice
• Requestor will be notified through the notice system

Other Collections:

CMC – Curriculum Materials Collection
Refer to Teacher Ed Dept, Twilight Hall for exceptions

CSO – Career Service Office

Scott Center


• Sort and fax paging slips to branches for retrieval
• Retrieve and check in at branch to generate transit status or to auto check-out to borrower
• Requests from the branches will arrive in the courier bins for delivery to Davison

Meet Bread Loaf courier to exchange incoming/outgoing bins

• May or may not have been checked in @ Davison Library
• Check in @ Main to clear transit to Main
• Sensitize
• Continue to transit to branches

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