ACRL-New England-Access Services Interest Group Conference

June 3, 2008
Franklin Pierce College, Rindge NH
Attending: Joanne, Mary, Nancy, Elin
Conference notes will be posted on the ASIG site

Introduction – Amy Benson
Web 2.0 – new model for library service
Social phenomenon, not just technology
Library user expectations are driven by existing web/tech tools

Web as platform, perpetual beta, rich user experience, collective intelligence
Personalization and customization by user – allow to filter and limit info wanted
Self-service – eliminate barriers, reduce complexity, customization/personalization, anywhere/anytime, user drives the process, empower individual user
Community – connect, share, collaborate, participate, rise of professional amateur, collective voice
Participation – low barriers, free tools, easy to contribute content

Blogs and RSS feeds – Pingsheng Chen and Eileen Cravedi
Hands on presentation to create a blog on Blogspot/Google

Wikis – Eileen Inglis and Tom Tullio
Blog v. Wiki
Day-to-day v. brain dump
Both have a place
Many shared features

Benefits of collective intelligence – ability to view history
Tagging/categories to facilitate searching
The more people involved, the better the results

Facebook – Eileen Cravedi and Leslie Inglis
Professional networking
Online “office” for student supervision
Other sites – My Space; Linkedin

Podcasts – Jude Anderson
Project to promote new books at the Athol Public Library.
Hand-on demo

Closing talk – Amy Benson
Opportunities for perpetual beta and a feedback loop
The key is to try!
Be ready to keep moving, determine what makes sense for our users and what we want to accomplish and select the appropriate tool
What are the services we want and what tools are there out there?
No special skills needed, the web tools are there!
Does not need to be perfect before trying it!
The tools will continue to change and evolve…
Use web tools to facilitate user searches instead of blocking/complicating the search process
Where do libraries fit in?
Share the data
Create standards based shareable data
Trust – whole house of cards is built on trust
No such thing as a free lunch
Extensive use of patron data – time for libraries to consider what aggregated user/patron info we can use
Lib 2.0 – Self-service, personalized, targeted content, integration of data and resources, connect people and information directly
A means to an end
Service to our users
Imagine possibilities
Embrace change (might as well!)

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