Upcoming Events

10/15: 5:00 PM, MiddSafe Advocates Host Domestic Violence Awareness Dinner

10/21: 4:30-6:00 PM, Nancy McHugh Presents “Grounding Knowledge through the Mothers Committee of Bayview Hunters Point”
By combining the insights of Chela Sandoval, Sandra Harding, Patricia Hill Collins, Lorraine Code, and current work on situated knowledges, McHugh analyzes the experiences and activism of the women of Bayview Hunters Point, San Francisco, focusing specifically on a community action group called the Mothers Committee. The women of the Mothers Committee of Bayview Hunters Point are certainly valuable strangers to the social order. It is hard to a imagine a group whose members are more outside of science—they are female, African American and living in one of the poorest, most toxic, and most violent communities in the U.S. They self-consciously utilize this positioning to their advantage as part of their methodology as an oppressed group.

10/22: 4:30-6:00 PM, Kevin Moss Presents “Russia’s Queer Science”
Speaker Kevin Moss will give a talk on, “Russia’s Queer Science: The Theoretical Underpinnings of Russia’s Law Against Gay Propaganda.”

10/22: 7:30-9:00 PM, Breeze Harper: Food (in) Justice in the 21st Century Fall Symposium Speaker
On Ferguson, Thug Kitchen, and Trayvon Martin: Intersections of [Post] Race-Consciousness, Food Justice, and Hip Hop Vegan Ethics. Sistah Vegan aka Breeze Harper discusses her new book project that focuses on critical race and black feminist perspective on black male vegan activist using hip hop methodologies to teach about veganism and other intersectional issues such as decolonizing the diet, being ‘race-conscious’, and using gardening to combat the prison to pipeline phenomenon.

10/23: 8:30 PM, “Raise Hope. Demand and End”
Join students, faculty and staff in raising awareness to the presence of intimate partner violence on college campuses and in taking a stand against this violence. Students will perform music, poetry, and readings. Snacks will be provided.

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