Another idea I had for a paper topic was to do some research on one of the premium chanel networks (HBO, Showtime, ect.) that has consistently popular series and see where and how they come up with their ideas and how these ideas become realized. The idea would be to look at the process of what goes into making a show like The Sopranos, Entourage, or Weeds and use the terms and ideas that we have discussed to see how these programs unfold their narratives soup to nuts – that is from the first basic idea to the finished product. I think that this would be interesting and that their would probably be a lot of research available.

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  1. Charlie,

    I think the idea of examining a premium series is good, but I’m not sure how examining the process of creating a new show would offer an analytical argument. A more macro approach would be to try to answer the question “how has the rise of premium cable original series in the past 10 years changed the practice of television storytelling?” That way you could analyze a historical shift while looking at the specific elements that help shape TV narration.

    As for the football idea, it’s an interesting topic as well. Perhaps the better approach is to examine the ways that media coverage (TV, newspapers, blogs, forums, etc.) attempt to narrativize the game, and how this narrative framework changes our understanding of the gameplay. Another angle would be to look at how videogames and/or fantasy football have altered our narrative understanding of the game. Good luck!

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