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This is CCI Connect!, your weekly source for all things careers and internships—upcoming events, new opportunities on MOJO, and industry-related tips and tricks. Click on an internship or job to see it in MOJO for more information and how to apply (login required).

Have questions? Come to CCI in Adirondack House for Quick Questions (no appointment needed!) every weekday between 1-3 p.m., or make an appointment with Mary (or another adviser). Stay in the know!


  • [Job] LiveRamp in San Francisco is looking for a Four Star Generalist, I mean, a software engineer. Ruby, Java, somethine else? Put it to use!
  • [Job] Put those computer skills to good use. Multivision Inc. is hiring an entry level software developer in the bustling Washington D.C. area!

  • [Internship] GenoSpace in Cambridge, which develops software systems for storing vast amounts of genomic and health data, is looking for a software development intern this winter. And it’s paid!
  • [Internship] Interested in technology and social media storytelling? Gross National Happiness USA is looking for an audio visual technician.

Your Weekly CCI Events & Reminders:

  • Follow CCI ON FACEBOOK for internship and job-related stories, news, tips, and more!
  • Don’t miss the psychology lecture By Dr. Simone Schnall “Moral Intuitions and Replication in Social Psychology” on Friday, Oct 10, BiHall 216, 1:30 p.m.
  • As always, check MOJO for more opportunities in Science & Technology and other industries!

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