About Us

Dear Middlebury Community,

Thank you for visiting our page. We are excited to know you are interested in learning more about our movement!

Over the years at Middlebury many of us have experienced much talk about inclusivity and diversity. We have had plenty of panels, screenings, and discussions about these topics. Unfortunately, many of us have joined these different events, and then gone our ways afterwards without really seeking or achieving any concrete change. We have often been guilty of inaction.

Today, we call on every single one of you to take a stand. Take action. Join our movement and start building an inclusive community one step at a time.

This movement will seek concrete solutions and changes that will make Middlebury’s academic and social life more inclusive for everyone. 

Often we tend to divide ourselves. We tend to believe that our neighbor’s struggle is not ours, so we stand on the sidelines just looking. If we wish to ever become the community that we can be, we must change that attitude; we must change our mind set. We must understand that our neighbor’s struggle is our own too because he/she is part of OUR COMMUNITY.

Let’s make a change. Let’s build a community in which people stand with each other in solidarity.

If we can achieve that, if we can unite as one pushing for overall inclusivity of people from all backgrounds, we can make our voice be heard, and make Middlebury the great community and college that it can be.

We are kicking off this movement with a campaign to change the Cultures and Civilizations  academic requirement. You can read our proposal here. To learn more about how you can get involved with this campaign click here. 

We truly hope that you join us!

In Solidarity,

The Midd Included Team