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Monthly Archive for September, 2008

Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark

Uri Margolin claims, “Characters are abstract in the sense that they do not exist in real space and time, an are more like concepts in this regard.  Consequently, they are not open to direct perception by us, and can be known only through the textual descriptions or inferences based on those descriptions” (68).  This fundamental […]

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Story and Plot in Simple Men

I found it fascinating that the plot of Simple Men omitted most of the interesting story events that framed its dramatic conflict–the father escaping from prison, Bill’s big romance, the execution of Bill’s robbery, Dennis dropping out of/leaving school, etc.  Instead we get a couple of guys wandering around talking about these big events while […]

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The Artful Disclosure of Story

          Abbott’s third description of plot notes that it serves the story by highlighting or expanding upon certain events or details, thus departing from the strictly chronological order of the story.  Abbot further describes this as “the artful disclosure of story”.  Literature and film are equally engaged with this notion of plot, […]

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