Student Resources

Using the Virtual Bookstore

First time ordering books from the online bookstore? Forgot how you did it last semester? No worries! Navigate to and follow the instructions on the PDF below.

Book Pickup Reservations

If you got an email that your books have arrived and you need to reserve a pickup time, head to and book a time. Reservations must be made 12 hours in advance to ensure we have your materials ready at your appointment.

Ordering Textbooks

You’re here to learn – and you need your books!

Often, people have to decide between quick, convenient shipping or cost effective shipping, but consolidated shipping offers students a unique situation where the consolidated option is not only free, but also ensures books arrive early as well.

The consolidated shipping period: Ordering textbooks during this time (which lasts until two weeks before the start of classes) is a great way to decrease the carbon footprint from shipping expedited and/or separate packages as well as decrease individual package waste. It’s also a win-win for students because shipping is free! However, less than 16% of books were ordered during the fall or spring bulk shipping periods this year. Of the 4,561 books purchased, only 711 were able to be consolidated before being sent to Vermont from Missouri.

We have a generous return policy if you change courses, decide you don’t need your book, or drop the class: books can be returned for a full refund within 21 days from when they were shipped or 2 weeks from the start of class, whichever is later – so get those orders in early, and if you’ve got a return, bring it to the College Store & we’ll consolidate the returns to help reduce the carbon footprint of individual returns being shipped back.


MiddBooks is a student-to-student selling platform where students can sell their books directly to other students on campus with no fees, no shipping, and no waiting.

Subjects are organized into separate blog posts. If you’re selling or buying a book, search for the subject in the search box. All available books will be listed as comments – or create a comment to add your own book. Don’t forget your contact info as buyers will contact you directly, not through the site!

Book Buy Back

It’s easy to sell your books to us.  Here’s how it works:

1. Log into your account and fill out a buyback quote here
2. Return your books using the FREE shipping label generated with your quote – you can bring the label & your books to the College Store and we’ll even pack it up for you!
3. Get paid by PayPal or Check

Check out this video to see how easy it is:

MBS Direct is here for you 24/7!  Please get in touch with the Customer Contact Center at 800-325-3252 or if you need assistance.

Please note, you can sell your books back at ANY time – not just the end of the semester – and even if you didn’t buy your books from us, we may still be able to buy them from you! It’s always worth checking the ISBNs.


The Middlebury College Store is committed to sustainability and helping the campus achieve our Energy2028 sustainability goals. We’ve outlined below some ways you can join the mission! 

Order your books during the bulk shipping period

  • Any books listed in your courses on the MBS website have been added and approved by your professors, and will note either “required” or “optional/recommended” so you can feel confident in your purchase.  
  • Bulk shipping reduces the carbon footprint of multiple shipping boxes and expedited shipping 
  • MBS offers a very generous return policy, should you end up changing classes. We package up and return books at the end of each week, so returns are also shipped in bulk.  

Choose digital materials, if available

Encourage your professors to allow use of e-books and PDFs so students have a choice in how they learn and how it impacts the environment. 

Consider selling/swapping/giving books from past courses to other students to keep them in circulation on campus

  • Ask around to find out what books your peers have or need: check with other students in your major who may be taking similar courses or consider a post on a student platform such as the Middlebury Free/For Sale Facebook page.  
  • The shorter distance the books travel between semesters, the less of an impact they have on the environment. Selling books to students on campus helps fellow students and the planet. You may even make or save some money! 
  • Donating or reselling old books also helps declutter your space without the books ending up in the landfill.  

Take advantage of guaranteed book buyback!

Check the ISBNs of ANY books you have – regardless of title or where you got them – and see if you can make some money. Ship them to the MBS warehouse and they’ll keep the books in use and out of the landfill.

Incoming first-year students

Take advantage of the free expedited shipping option during orientation/registration to reduce individual expedited shipping later in the semester!