2022 Audio Recordings

The following list includes all recordings that Bread Loaf has permission to post.

8/17/22- Welcome by Jennifer Grotz with Laurie Patton; Reading by Ilya Kaminsky

Lecture by Carl Phillips, “It Gets Wilder: On the Writing Life”

8/18/22- Readings by Natasha Rao, Sequoia Nagamatsu, and Shara Lessley

8/18/22- Readings by Elizabeth Nunez and Mark Wunderlich

8/19/22- Lecture by Stacey D’Erasmo, “The Long Run: Some Notes on Duration”

8/19/22- Lecture by Kamran Javadizadeh, “The Hot Breath of the Graduate School”

8/19/22- Readings by Dolen Perkins-Valdez and Melissa Febos

8/19/22- Readings by Jennifer Grotz and Laila Lalami

8/19/22- Scholar Readings, Night 1 of 2*

8/20/22- Lecture by Craig Morgan Teicher, “What is Prose? What is Poetry?”

8/20/22- Lecture by Ilya Kaminsky

8/20/22- Readings by Gabrielle Calvocoressi and Maurice Carlos Ruffin

8/20/22- Scholar Readings, Night 2 of 2**

8/21/22- Lecture by Laila Lalami, “Ways of Seeing: Modulations in Point of View”

8/21/22- Readings by Cara Blue Adams, Nawaaz Ahmed, and Peter Turchi

8/21/22- Reading by Rebecca Makkai

8/22/22- Lecture by Elizabeth Nunez, “Jane Austen and Me: A Complicated Love Affair”

8/22/22- Readings by Chelsea B. DesAutels, Paul Lisicky, and Xhenet Aliu

8/22/22- Readings by Charles Baxter and francine j. harris

8/22/22- Administrative Staff Scholar Readings, Night 1 of 2***

8/23/22- Lecture by Mark Wunderlich, “Rilke and the Posthumous Voice”

8/23/22- Readings by Ayse Papatya Bucak, Robert W. Fieseler, and Stacey D’Erasmo

8/23/22- Reading by Mitchell S. Jackson

8/23/22- Administrative Staff Scholar Readings, Night 2 of 2****

8/24/22- Lecture by Dolen Perkins-Valdez, “A Writer’s Roots”

8/24/22- Readings by William Brewer, Omar Friedlander, Julia Phillips, and Chet’la Sebree

8/25/22- Lecture by Melissa Febos, “In Praise of the Confessional”

8/25/22- Readings by Emma Copley Eisenberg, Samantha Silva, and Keith Wilson

8/25/22- Reading by Lauren Francis-Sharma

8/26/22- Lecture by Charles Baxter, “We Were Strangers: The Stranger and Strangeness as Fictional Necessities”

8/26/22- Readings by Lara Ehrlich, Rachel Mannheimer, Kathryn Savage, and Taymour Soomro

8/26/22- Reading by Alexander Chee and Carl Phillips

*Night 1 Scholars: Karleigh Brogan, Kirtan Nautiyal, Christian Gullette, Mary Terrier, Tochukwu Okafor, Kit Haggard, Samyak Shertok, Emily Lee Luan, Katerina Ivanov Prado, Helene Achanzar, Jim Whiteside, Noah Baldino

*Night 2 Scholars: Fay Dillof, Pritha Bhattacharyya, Tom Renjilian, Leslie Bazzett, Asha Thanki, Kim Coleman Foote, Dāshaun Washington, Alissa Morgan, JP Grasser, Matt Morris, Jung Hae Chae, Jemimah Wei, Felicity Sheehy

*Night 1 Administrative Staff Scholars: Annie Schumacher, Megan Pinto, Caroline Beimford, Sebastian Merrill, Caitlin McGill, Sebastián Páramo, Jon Sargent, Samuel Cheney, Angela Boyd, SM Stubbs

*Night 2 Administrative Staff Scholars: Jennifer Funk, Jason Lamb, Preeti Parikh, Suhail Mandani, Rowan Sharp, Adrienne Chung, Dolapo Demuren, Phil SaintDenisSanchez, Zoë Ruiz