Bread Loaf Teacher Network Collaborations

BLTN leaders describe the network.


The Bread Loaf Teacher Network supports teachers who want to collaborate with each other, their students, and Bread Loaf faculty to think, read, and write about about literature, ideas and issues. BLTN members are engaged with their students in intellectually rich, locally meaningful conversations and inquiries across difference that lead to cultural understandings and social change.


This page collects links to recent comments in our various social media sites, and it provides a portal to BreadNet, our long-standing collaboration space.


2014 BLTN Teachers: Please enter your collaboration ideas, plans, and needs via this form.


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Collaboration Form Results: Monday, August 25, 2014 11:00 a.m. 

Laura Benton 9-12 Versailles, KY (Woodford co.)
Idea: An online literary magazine that students submit their work to and edit submissions from students outside their school. Collaborator(s): Matthew Haughton Vermont All partnered up


Miranda Becker 10-12 Swanton, Vermont
Idea: I’d like to collaborate with a leadership team within my school to support other teachers at MVU. Specifically, we’re looking to help them use technology to collect data from Standards Based formative and summative assessments, and to use that data to modify instruction to improve student success rates. I’ve already been selected for the leadership team, and I will be in collaboration with some colleagues, including Bill Rich (a BL graduate and BLTN member). Vermont It’s complicated : )


Kate Carroll 10-12 Middlebury, Vermont
I will be participating in the Vermont BLTN Vermont Family Farm Course/Project as well as a digital story telling project; a playwright/student text to performance collaboration and a college student/high school student peer tutoring pilot. All Vermont BLTN members Vermont It’s complicated : )


Tim O’Leary 9-12 Middlebury, VT
Documentary videos of a person, people, place, or an issue of social importance where young people create work that adults in their communities take notice, potentially creating change or at least awareness, published online and/or through local community TV outlets. Vermont Seeking collaborators


Clare Costello Grade 9 Winchendon, MA
Idea:I’d like to build a collaborative blog in which several schools would contribute to a discussion of clothing production (for my class, this would be centered around a study of South Asia), the use and meaning of clothing, and various clothing sources in their communities. Vermont Seeking collaborators


Stacey “Mitch” Mitchell King 11 & 12 Columbus, OH
I am planning to exchange College Narrative letters with Ansley O’Carroll’s senior students in Moscow to bridge the global relationships. Ansley O’Carroll Vermont All partnered up


Misty Burchett Johnson 11th Olive Hill, KY
Incorporating texts of and visits from local authors, musicians, artists, craftsmen and speakers into the classroom, so that students may have a better sense of heritage, memory, and their own value in the broad scheme of things. Vermont It’s complicated : )


Meryl Lucchesi-Freyberg 7th and 8th Houghton Middle School, Houghton, MI
Photo Essay Exchange with Crystal Ergish-Wood Crystal E-W Vermont Open to other collaborators


Emma Creeden 7 New Canaan, CT
I would be interested in collaborating with someone if anyone else teaches Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood or The Pearl. I am also interested in working with another teacher on a poetry or spoken word unit. New Mexico Seeking collaborators


Mary Sisson 5 Charlottesville, VA
Tom McKenna and I are planning on connecting our students during our study of survival stories this fall. I do a unit on Shackleton’s exploration of the Antarctic and focus on the themes of both survival and leadership. Tom has proposed that both of our classes read a survival story set in Alaska. We hope to get our students in touch with each other via blog or video chat. It will be amazing to connect classrooms that are on opposite sides of the USA! Tom McKenna New Mexico All partnered up, Open to other collaborators


Eloise Lynch 11 Winshester, KY
I am interested in a digital peer-teaching exchange. I would like to develop an online space where students can collaborate with one another to improve their own writing skills and content knowledge (via peer reviewing, peer tutoring, reflecting, sharing of resources). For example, I’m hoping to connect my students with peer input or consulting as they tackle digital problem solving–they would design a website addressing a major community need and create posts and persuasive letters that would need the critiques and suggestions of other students before being published. Any Vermont Seeking collaborators


Susannah Kilbourne High School (11th and 12th grades), Dual Credit, and College Comp Lexington, Kentucky
A group of BLOX BLTN teachers are looking for a professional exchange to discuss pedagogies in the community college writing classrooms and their connected writing centers. Oxford Open to other collaborators 


Kriston Crombie Stotik 9th grade Humanities and 12th grade Columbus, Ohio
I will be a participant in two different exchanges including one with Kate Carroll in Vermont where we will both teach Conrad’s Heart of Darkness with our seniors and have our students colaborate in discussion forums as they struggle through this rather weighty text. This should allow for great discussion since my students are from the urban inner city and Kate’s are from Central Vermont. I will also work with a fellow Columbus teacher, Terri Lipp, where we will have my 9th graders and her 5th graders working on argumentative writing together. This exchange is still in the development stages but we will be finalizing our plans asap. David Wandera has agreed to pop in as guest teacher.” Terri Lipp, Kate Carroll, and David Wandera Vermont All partnered up


Linda Joseph 11 and 12 (?) Silver Spring, MD – Montgomery County
I’d love to work with someone in a different setting who might be reading some of the same texts and do some online or video chats/competitions of knowledge. [Second sentence of book titles: Life of Pi, Great Gatsby, Hamlet, The Stranger, Henry IV, part 1, Beloved, As I Lay Dying, The Road.] Oxford Seeking collaborators


Christopher McCurry 10 and 12th Kentucky
Eloise Lynch and I will be partnering up to work on remixing sentences from the text our students read in AP Literature and AP Language. Eloise Lynch Vermont All partnered up .

Liz Harris 12- AP English Language and Composition Brooklyn, NY (Crown Heights)
I would like to exchange resources with other AP Lang teachers in our network. Oxford Seeking collaborators


Susan Miera, Santa Fe Indian School, Flor Mota 9-12 McCullum H.S. (Texas)
Blogging exchange between both writing centers on each campus. Student mentors will exchange ideas, challenges, and successes and draw on each other for expertise.Open to other collaborators 


Emily Navarro 12 Chicago, IL
Inspired by Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, students will create collaborative books that both observe and contribute to a city’s narrative. Tom McKenna, Scott Jarvie Vermont Open to other collaborators