2013 Digital Media and Youth Action Workshops Inform BLTN

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—by Sandy LeGault, Director of Admissions 

This past summer saw an unprecedented level of BLTN activity at all Bread Loaf campuses. Students attended the weekly BLTN meetings in unprecedented numbers, and teachers from public and private schools, teaching at every grade level, made connections that will continue into the school year. All current and former Bread Loaf students are welcome to join the Bread Loaf Teacher Network and to participate in ways that suit their purposes.

Send an email message to Dixie Goswami’s and Sandy LeGault’s BreadNet mailboxes to add your name to the list of BLTN members.

Important highlights of the summer at the U.S. Bread Loaf campuses were the following presentations and workshops, given by visiting and sometimes local experts. Most of these distinguished visitors also participated in BLTN meetings. These workshops and support of BLTN were made possible by the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations and Write to Change Foundation.


Jason Irizarry, Associate Professor and Director of Urban Education, University of Massachusetts Amherst

         “Bridging Theory and Practice: Doing Youth Participatory Action Research in Our  Schools and Communities.”

Andrea Lunsford, Professor of English and Rhetoric, Stanford University, Bread Loaf faculty

“What is Literacy Today?”

“Changes in Research, Changes in Teaching: New Kinds of Writing Demand a New Kind of Teaching.”

iPad workshops by Shel Sax, Bread Loaf School of English Director of Technology and Brent Ashley, English Instructor at Lynnfield HS (MA) and Bread Loaf student

Workshop 1:  Overview of applications to the teaching of English

Workshop 2:  Focus on digital video

New Mexico

Cindy Selfe, Humanities Distinguished Professor, The Ohio State University, and Richard Selfe, Director of the Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing, The Ohio State University

“Research 2.0: Leveraging Collaboration, Media, Community in Support of Social Activist Projects.”

 Follow-up workshop: “Leveraging the Power of Narratives to Accomplish 2.0 Projects.”

Richie Meyers, BLSE MA  ’04, cultural anthropologist with an emphasis on cognitive anthropology and sociolinguistics,  Ph.D.and American Indian Studies Coordinator at South Dakota State University

“Indigenous Education and Teaching.”

Susi Long, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education, University of South Carolina

“‘We’ve Been Doing It Your Way Long Enough’: Culturally Relevant Teaching That Challenges the Status Quo.”

Asheville, NC

Valerie Kinloch, Associate Professor in Literacy Studies, College of Education and Human Ecology, The Ohio State University

“A Pedagogy of Possibility in Teaching and Learning.”


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