This project would not have been possible without the support of numerous people who collaborated with us from the inception of our idea all the way up to to its installation more than two years later.

We would first like to thank Steve Trombulak, Tim Wickland, and Pieter Broucke, who provided the logistical and administrative support that enabled us to share our love for the landscape outside our classroom windows with the rest of the Middlebury community. We are also grateful to Kathy Morse for her encouragement and enthusiasm through the process of producing the digital exhibit this fall. We would like to thank Anne Knowles as well for pushing us to bring this idea to life and connecting us with the resources we needed to make it happen. We are particularly grateful for the support of the Middlebury College Environmental Council, which provided the funding necessary to begin producing the image featured in the installation. Bill Koulopoulos, Amy Frazier, Heather Stafford, Adam Franco, and Tony Desautels also provided much-needed and very much appreciated technical support along the way.

Many staff faculty members consulted with us on various design iterations, and we would especially like to thank Jack Byrne, Sallie Sheldon, Jim Butler, Andi Lloyd, Diane Munroe, Helen Young, Ray Coish, Bill Hegman, and Joe Holler for guiding us towards a final product that we can be proud to share. Marybeth Nevins, Rebekah Irwin, and Mez Baker-Médard provided fascinating insight into some of the local histories that are featured in this exhibit and encouraged us to consider whose stories have been represented by dominant narratives about this landscape.

Fellow 46ers Stephen Ratcliff and Jeff Byers helped us to clarify our identification of the Adirondack High Peaks, so thanks to them we can now confidently point out each of the peaks visible from campus. We also would like to thank L John Van Norden, Lee Nesbitt, Doug Arnold, and Fred Schwoebel for allowing us to reproduce material in this exhibit that shows just how well-loved the Adirondacks are. Staff at the Vermont Historical Society, the Adirondack Museum, and North Country Public Radio also helped us to track down material that we hope will enhance viewers’ experiences of this exhibit.

We are also very grateful to Tyra Olstad, Don Stevens, Alice Green, David West, Jeff Byers, Tess Sneeringer, Christian Johansen, Anahí Naranjo, Sola Farquhar, Morgan Raith, and Ryan McElroy for their thoughtfulness and willingness to share their time and experiences through audio recordings found throughout the exhibit. We hope that through stories told in their own words we have captured a slice of the wide range of perspectives held by those who share this landscape.