Middlebury Baseball

“In celebrating Middlebury College Baseball it is important to recognize all of the individuals who played this great game at Middlebury and perhaps were not the standout on their team but were a part of something that was very important in their lives.  They are the parts that make teams great because they are willing to work to be good so that others become great.” -Coach Bob Smith (1985-present)

2006 NESCAC Champions Documentary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHKNX5cZ5lM


1909 Middlebury Baseball Team

Becoming popular in the early 1800s, baseball has engrained itself in the legacy of our nation’s history as “America’s Pastime”. Wildly popular when played for recreation, the game did not officially find itself in the intercollegiate spectrum until 1859 when the first game was played between two current NESCAC schools, Amherst and Williams (Amherst defeated Williams 74-39). Middlebury was only a decade behind the curve and mentions of baseball activity in former campus newsletters and yearbooks alike began in 1866 and 1867.