Barefoot Run #2

So it took a bit longer than expected, but I got out for another barefoot run the other day.  This time I decided I really wanted to give it a solid go and see how I felt.  I trotted out from Weybridge, feeling almost naked without shoes.  Bliss.  Up through town, along Main St., I headed towards the Chipman Hill entrance on High street.  By the time I reached the bottom of the old ski hill road, my legs felt good and my feet content.  That changed a bit as I moved up the old road, small pebbles and rocks digging into my soles.  Ouch!  Rehab, the trail running alongside the old Chipman road, begged me to hop on…or maybe it was my feet.  The trail proved a much more comfortable climb and I continued to feel stronger by the minute.

Peaking up top, I moved down the old dirt road skirting the summit of Chipman and made the decision to run down Sidewinder, the back trail that is part of the TAM system.  It proved rather comfortable and I made it down the backside of the mountain with only a few painful moments.  Those darned pebbles.  Once in the field on the backside of the hill, I opened up my stride and felt…natural, finally after all of these weeks!  Back on the sidewalk, I headed back to Weybridge not wanting to push myself too much harder as my left knee felt a tad out of whack, likely due to the fact that I haven’t ran consistently in months.  As I pulled into Weybridge, I took stock of my condition and was surprised to think that I had run over 4 miles barefoot.  Truly amazing, I’m hooked.  Barefoot running mixed in with shoe’d training and I’ll be set for the fall season.  And a day after my longest barefoot run my feet feel wonderful!  Naked and free, it’s the way to go.

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