Addicted, but not to blogging…

I’m obviously a rather poor blogger.  You can tell by my lack of posts.  Blogs are boring without regular updating, so let’s give this another go.  Hopefully I can get a hang of it this summer.

Training was going fantastic, and my addiction to running became rather apparent as I couldn’t even find the time to post about it.  First race of the season, the Fells Trail Ultra went superb and I knocked out the 40 miler in a solid 7:02 tying for second with Joe Carrara.  Our first place finished was a regular monster on the Fells loop, and had the ridiculously techy terrain mastered.  Not too mention he was quite a speed demon as well.

A few weeks after the Fells race, I came down with a sickness that lasted for 4 weeks, with lingering side effects that last for at least another 3…

Week 1: unable to get out of bed; I border on state of total zombieness.

Week 2: barely able to walk, extreme fatigue, unable to think clearly, speak clearly, read clearly, or write clearly; very entertaining to others, very discouraging to me.

Week 3: able to move a bit more, still have trouble thinking; unable to run Wapack Trail 50 miler; begin mild state of depression.

Week 4: begin riding bike again, very slow and hard; continue to improve neurologically and physically; continue mild state of depression.

Week 5: able to bike fairly regularly; neurological effects are moving out; forced remove my name from the VT 100 entrants list; continue mild state of depression.

Week 6: biking consistently; still haven’t started running yet, resting my legs extensively since sickness has ruined my 2010 racing season; continue mild state of depression.

Week 7: biking; ran twice in the past 7 weeks; determined to barefoot train and potentially run VT 50 barefoot; state of depression/funk finally wears off and I return to a happier place.  Well, sort of…

Of course other things happened during these past 7 weeks, but I’ll follow up with some more blog posts for those.  Right now, just getting this going again.  I obviously can’t blog to save my life, but we’ll see if this time around things change (this must be the 3rd or 4th attempt).

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