Monday, Oct. 27 

  1. Lecture: The Collapse of Literary Modernism

Literary Postmodernism

  1. Watch: Cairo as told by Chahine


Reading Questions_Women’s_Short_Stories

  • Read Joseph Zeidan, “Conclusion” in Arab Women Novelists (p. 231-236) – ERes
  • Read Dalya Cohen-Mor, “Modes of Writing” in Arab Women Writers (p. 18-21) – ERes
  • Read Alifa Rifaat, “Distant View of a Minaret” in Distant View of a Minaret – (p. 1-4) ERes
  • Read Sahar al-Muji, “The Dummy” in Arab Women (p. 127-128)– ERes
  • Read Daisy al-Amir, “The Future” in Arab Women Writers (p. 248-253) – ERes
  • Read Emily Nasrallah, “Explosion” (trans. Thuraya Khalil-Khouri), The Literary Review 37.3 (Spring 1994), p. 420-425 – ERes
  • Read Salwa Bakr, “International Women’s Day” in Arab Women Writers (p. 194-198) – ERes
  • Read Samiya At’ut, “The Collapse of Barriers” in Arab Women Writers (p. 277-279) – ERes


Wednesday, Oct. 29

  1. Lecture: Women’s Literature in the Arab World – Status and Problematics
  2. Discussion: Arab Women Writers and the Short Story

Hwk: Read Hanan al-Shaykh’s The Story of Zahra, p. 1-101