Monday, Oct. 20

  1. Lecture: Mohammed Choukri and Paul Bowles – Translation or Rewrite?
  2. Discussion: Cultural Authenticity and For Bread Alone


Tanukhi on translation of For Bread Alone (an excellent article!)


  • Read Mohamed Choukri’s For Bread Alone, p. 77-150
  • Read M.M. Badawi’s “Commitment in Contemporary Arabic Literature” in Critical Perspectives on Modern Arabic Literature (p. 23-24) – ERes
  • Read Roger Allen, “The Aftermath of Independence: Commitment and Beyond” in The Arabic Literary Heritage (p. 402-405) – ERes
  • Read Pierre Cachia, “Literary Schools Since Mid-Century” in An Overview of Arabic Literature (p. 93-96) – ERes



Wednesday, Oct. 22

  1. Lecture: Literary Commitment and Literary Realism in the Arab World
  2. Discussion: For Bread Alone as Literary Commitment and/or Realism?

Committment_Literary Realism

Realism in Postcolonial Theory – excellent resource

Hwk: Paper #2 (due 10/29) – Paper#2_topic