Monday, Sept. 22

  1. Close Reading of 20th Century Arabic Poetry
    1. Badr Shakr al-Sayyab  Khan_al-Sayyab
    2. Nazik al-Mala’ika Epstein_al-Mala’ikaNazik al-Mala’ika_Bio
    3. Abd al-Wahhab al-Bayati Abbadi_al-Bayati
    4. Yusuf al-Khal
    5. Fadwa Touqan Hoang_Touqan
    6. Muhammad al-Maghut
    7. Nizar Qabbani Falk_al-Qabbani
    8. Samih al-Qasim
    9. Sa’di Yusuf  White_Yusuf
    10. Mahmoud Darwish

“America, America” by Sa’di Yusuf (recitation)

America, America Sa’di Yusuf


  • Read “Introduction” from Salma Jayyusi’s Modern Arabic Fiction (2005), p. 1-19 – ERes
  • Paper #1 (due 10/1) – How have 20th century Arab poets reflected on the act of poetic creation from within the poetic texts they’ve composed? What does Arabic poetry say about its own social, political and personal meanings? Reviewing the poems that you’ve read in Abdallah al-Udhari’s Modern Poetry of the Arab World, what patterns, motifs and sentiments do you see clustered around the representation of the poetic act itself? The goal of this paper is for you to explore the meta-literary dimension of modern Arabic poetic through close and thoughtful analysis of individual poetic texts.


Wednesday, Sept. 24

  1. Modern Arabic Fiction: Antecedents of Imaginary Prose and the Birth of the Arabic Novel
    1. The Qur’an
    2. The Epistle of Forgiveness
    3. The Maqama
    4. Translations from French and English
    5. Zaynab

Pre-Modern Arabic Prose (powerpoint presentation)

Prose Genres_Pre-Modern Era_Handout
  1. Discussion of Papers

Hwk: Read Taha Hussein’s An Egyptian Childhood (all)