Monday, Sept. 8

  1. Course Introduction: Goals and Problematics
  2. The Universal: why read literature? The Particular: why read Arabic literature?
  3. Brief encounter with Arabic meta-literature: “Meditations on the Inspiration of Art” by Muhammad al-Zubayri, “Of Poetry” by Mahmoud Darwish; selection from I’jaam by Sinan Antoon
  4. Course Administrativa

Hwk: Reading from Jonathan Culler’s Literary Theory: A Very Short Introduction (Chapter 2, 4-6, Appendix)

Reading Questions_Literary Theory

Wednesday, Sept. 10

Literary Theory: Historical Tendencies and Contributions

  1. Reading with Theory in Arabic Literature
    1. The “Sound” of Literature
    2. The Context of Literature
    3. Universality & Specificity
    4. Metaphor and Intertextuality

Reading With Theory

Hwk: Reading from Adonis’ An Introduction to Arab Poetics (Chapter 1: all, Chapter 2: p. 35-37; p. 45-49; p. 52-53, Chapter 3: p. 55-67; Chapter 4 p. 75-81, p. 88-89, p. 98-102)

Reading Questions_Arab Poetics