Garden Volunteer Hours at the Knoll

Hello! We’re excited to share the spring schedule for Garden Volunteer Hours at the Knoll, which will begin Monday, April 3rd. Please share if you can—better yet, come and join us (and bring a friend!)

Spring 2023 Garden Volunteer Hours will start Monday, April 3rd and run until ~ May 12th* 

More information is at go/knollhours to help get some ideas about what happens in the garden in the early spring, what to bring, and more. This is also our way to communicate “live” status updates about cancellations due to weather, etc.

All are welcome to join us: students, faculty, staff, community members. We hope you will!

Thinking about hosting an event at the Knoll? We have updated the information about Event Hosting for this spring, which lives at go/knollevents.

Here’s to the springing!

Megan and the Knoll intern crew