MiddTelehealth is now TimelyCare

We know that students may need health-related support at all hours of the day and so in addition to our on-campus services, the Center for Health and Wellness also offers telehealth services through TimelyCare 24/7/365.

Returning students and employees will recognize the former name MiddTelehealth which launched in 2020.  TimelyCare has found that students at colleges and universities that use other names and branding to match their campuses take more “clicks” to get to the services when they are searching. We don’t want to create or reinforce any barriers or delays to students’ access to healthcare and so we are changing the name of the services on the website, posters, and giveaways to match the name of the platform where students access the services.  

Students will not experience any changes in how they access TimelyCare services and will continue to have no-cost, 24/7/365 access to: 

  • MedicalNow – 24/7, on-demand medical care 
  • TalkNow – 24/7, on-demand emotional support 
  • Scheduled Counseling – Select the day, time, and provider  
  • Scheduled Medical – Select the day, time, and provider  
  • Health Coaching – Support for developing and using health skills 
  • Self-Care Content – Asynchronous yoga and meditation sessions, and synchronous group conversations with providers on a variety of health and well-being topics 

Employees will also continue to be able to access the TimelyCare customer assistance line at 833-484-6359 24/7/365 for consultation when they are worried about a student. 

Please encourage students you are connected with to set up their TimelyCare profile so that when they need care, they can access it quickly. The average wait time for TalkNow is 4 minutes and the average wait time for MedicalNow is 8 minutes. Students can visit go/TimelyCare to log in on a browser or download the TimelyCare app and sign in using their MIddlebury single sign-on (SSO) credentials. After answering short health history questions and confirming their name and birthdate, their profile is complete. 

After receiving services with a TimelyCare provider, a summary of a student’s visit is available to them on the app/in their profile and a copy is sent to the Center for Health and Wellness to be included in their holistic electronic health record. 

Troubleshooting support for students and employees is available from TimelyCare by emailing help@timely.md, calling the customer assistance line at 833-484-6359, or using the online chat function at go/TimelyCare. Feedback about your experience(s) with TimelyCare can be shared with Barbara McCall, Executive Director of the Center for Health and Wellness at bmccall@middlebury.edu for follow-up.

Have questions you’d like answered by staff from the Center for Health and Wellness and TimelyCare? Join us on Zoom for open sessions: