Refer An Employee, get $500!

As many know, there is a nationwide and statewide shortage of workers, especially in the service industry. Our employees in Dining, Facilities Services, and Public Safety in Vermont have been working in the midst of a significant staffing shortage brought on by the low unemployment rate and the pandemic. As a result, there are numerous vacant benefits-eligible positions in these areas.

Ever seen one of our jobs advertised and thought of someone—a friend, ex-colleague, family member or neighbor—who’d be a perfect fit? Chances are you have, but were unsure what to do next.

The answer? Use our referrals website.

You can sign up by accessing this link:  

Via the portal you’ll be able to:

  • See the jobs we’re recruiting for
  • Submit and track referrals
  • Apply for positions internally
  • Receive notifications about new jobs
  • Share jobs to your social networks

Check out a quick video to see how it’s done.

All employees who refer an outside candidate to a benefits-eligible Dining, Facilities Services, or Public Safety position will be eligible for a $500 referral bonus after the new hire completes their 90-day provisional period.

Referrals are the best way of employing more great people (like you). And, hiring great people is what makes Middlebury a success. 

Thank you for helping us hire more of the best!