Exciting Changes Now in Oracle Time Entry

As part of an upcoming upgrade within Oracle, beginning August 23rd you will have noticed some changes to how your time card entry looks and feels.

Like the updates to the Absence Module at the end of last year, time entry is also moving to the new responsive user interface (UI).

This means:

  • Better compatibility with mobile devices
  • More streamlined time entry
  • Easier at-a-glance viewing of your time cards (no more rearranging columns or scrolling tables!)
  • Bug fixes for certain common errors

For more information, see the Oracle HCM Time Entry reference guides by clicking here.

If you would like assistance with any issues you may be having, see our HCM Training page under Time Entry Drop-in Sessions.

For more immediate help troubleshooting a problem, email hcm-midd@gmhec.org.

As always, feel free to email hr@middlebury.edu with any questions you may have.