What’s on Tap for Well-Being? Weeks of April 12th and 19th

Every sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone’s day.

― Richelle E. Goodrich

Spring is in the air so it’s time to get outside and get moving for a good cause.  Join the Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium team for the Step Up to Stepping Strong challenge.  Step Up for Stepping Strong is a month-long steps challenge supporting The Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  Established by Boston Marathon bombing survivors, the Stepping Strong Center fuels trauma research and care to benefit civilians and military personnel worldwide who have suffered the devastation of traumatic injuries.  Cigna is proud to commit to donating $100,000 to the center when the community reaches 500 million steps through the Step Up for Stepping Strong challenge.  Registration is open until April 30th and the steps challenge is May 1-31. Check out this quick video tutorial to see how to sign up or read the FAQs here.  Make sure you join the Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium team and help us to support this wonderful cause. 

Managing Energy for Full Engagement: Peak performance in work and in life depends on personal energy. We so often hear about the importance of time management, but time is finite. It is the one thing we can never make more of. Energy, on the other hand, is a renewable resource and managing our energy is the key to health, happiness and peak performance. Join Rebecca Schubert, GMHEC Employee Well-being Program Coordinator, for an interactive session on managing your personal energy. Come away with practical strategies you can implement to help you avoid an energy crisis and which will enable you to thrive in work and in life.  Tuesday, April 13th 9:00-10:00 am EST.  Zoom meeting ID 246 273 8284.  Password 135790.

It’s My Budget and I’m Sticking to It: We get it – keeping up with a budget can be tricky, especially with the twists and turns of a pandemic. Join the team from MySecureAdvantage to learn about creating and maintaining a budget that works for you and your finances.  Tuesday, April 13th noon-1:00 pm EST.  Click here to register. 

Keys to Success Working from Home:  It may be a year since you began working from home but you might still wonder how to be effective at it. Join Samantha Smith, an expert on stress management, mindfulness and personal growth and hear how you can stay visible, personally connected and ultimately successful as a virtual worker.  Wednesday, April 14th 1:00-2:00 pm EST.  Brought to you by Cigna.  Click here to register.  

Substance Abuse and Your Loved Ones: When someone you love struggles with addiction, it’s important to know you are not alone and also to take care of yourself.  Start with learning more about what addiction is, symptoms of drug use, an overview of withdrawal symptoms and more.  Understanding more about this chronic brain disease is a great start to process and cope in a healthy way.  Brought to you by New Directions Behavioral Health.  Wednesday, April 21 noon-1:00 or 3:00-4:00 pm EST.  Preregistration required.  Click here to register.  

Desktop Well-being: Simple Strategies for Staying Well While Working at Your Desk: Working at a desk all day can be hard on our bodies and minds. Aches and pains and brain fog can be more common than we’d like. Join Rebecca Schubert, GMHEC Employee Well-being Program Coordinator to learn about how you can stay well while working at your desk.  We’ll talk about setting your workstation up to support your body and mind as well as strategies to stay on track with nutrition and physical activity to enhance your well-being. Wednesday, April 21st 3:30-4:30 pm EST.  Zoom meeting ID 246 273 8284.  Password 135790.