MSA Communication

In partnership with the EFAP program, E4Health, My Secure Advantage offers access to (free of charge) a professional, personal, unbiased, and confidential Money Coach and other financial education tools. It is a program that supports financial wellness. To register and receive the monthly news letter please visit or call 888-724-2326  between 6am – 8pm PST or 9am – 11pm EST, Monday through Friday.

MSA: “As the economic, societal and personal fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, we remain steadfast in our commitment to provide responsive and meaningful personal financial guidance to employees and their families. We’re hopeful you’ll find these resources useful to that end.”

 Only employees who have registered on the MSA website (or attended a prior webinar) receive MSA’s monthly newsletter highlighting the upcoming sessions. You can register by visiting or calling 888-724-2326

A complete listing of our classes, along with a brief description and any associated nuances, is provided.  Click on the “Details” area related to each class; a thorough outline is provided for your use.