Oracle HCM – Change Champions!

With the launch of Oracle HCM, we have organized a group of almost 50 colleagues who will be participating as Change Champions. Change Champions will serve as liaisons between the project leads and your areas. The aim is to ensure that we are attending to both the technical implementation and supporting the people who are experiencing the impact of these changes.

Please extend your appreciation to these colleagues listed below who are giving their time and commitment to help Middlebury move forward in the best possible way. If you have any immediate questions, please contact Chelsea Daneault or Brian Cash in Human Resources.

Change Champions:
Cathy Bilodeau, Facilities
Fawn Torrey, Public Safety
Dan Gaiotti, Public Safety
Solon Coburn, Public Safety
Danielle Mandy, Facilities
Barbara Walter, Health Center
Michelle Davis, Dean of Students
Stacie Marshall, Advancement
John Coburn, Advancement
Brent Simons, Dining
Deb Mallott, Dining
Ian Martin, Dining
Megyn Pitner, Dining
Karen LaFlamme, Dining
Noreen Cargill, BLWC
Sarah Lohnes Watulak, DLINQ
Carolyn Kuebler, NER & NEYWC
Chuck Mason, Grants
Suzanne Cota, Athletics
Jen Thompson, Planning & Registrar
Adela Langrock, Planning & Registrar
Charlene Bryant, Admissions
Naomi Neff, Diversity/HRO/Scott Center/Title IX/EEO
Tim Page, Language Schools
Christa Clifford, Arts/Museum
Douglas Perkins, Arts/Museum
Janet Wiseman, Environmental Affairs
Ashley Laux, Learning Centers
Jolene Newton, CAOS
Diane Burnham, CAOS
Charlotte Tate, Rohatyn Center
Dan Frostman, Library
Terry Simpkins, Library
Jody Smith, Sciences
Tim Wickland, Sciences
Liz Ross, International Programs
Lisa Larose, Provost Office
Kaitlin Emmons, CNS
Stacy Riley, VP office in MIIS
Gustavo Carvalho, ITS
Angie Quesenberry, Dean’s office MIIS
Thomas Hugo, ITS