What’s on tap for well-being…. weeks of October 26 and November 2nd

“If you suddenly and unexpectedly feel joy, don’t hesitate. Give in to it.”
― Mary Oliver

Parents…we want to hear from you:  GMHEC Well-being is interested in pulling together resources and/or a parents alliance to address your concerns and support your well-being though this most challenging time and we need your input.   In your experience and/or from what you’re hearing from other working parents, what are some of your most pressing challenges right now? What might help you cope better? What might help you effectively manage through what you’re facing and feel more empowered and positive while doing it?   Please reach out to rebecca.schubert@gmhec.org and share your thoughts.  All responses will be kept confidential.  If you prefer to talk by phone, you can reach me at (802) 443-5476.  Your input in most appreciated. 

While we’re on the subjects of parents…are you interested in some good old-fashioned family fun?  How about a corn maze?  A corn maze is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, get some physical activity and have some fun with the family.  It’s fun for adults too and there are some great options around our State.  

Feeling a little frazzled?  Would you like to be more centered and focused going into your day?  Then join the Morning meditation with Beth.  Join Beth, yoga, meditation instructor, navigational coach and bodywork therapist as she guides you through a powerful morning meditation.  Using your breath and visualization you’ll be guided to have an opportunity to feel into your future self.  All you need is a quiet space, a comfortable cushion or chair and twenty minutes of no outside distractions.  Meditation experience is not necessary.   For the record…Beth’s definition of meditation is the art and act of just becoming familiar with…that’s all.  Mondays and Wednesdays beginning November 2nd 7:30-8:00 am EST.  Zoom Meeting ID: 510 175 4836

Prefer to start your day with some movement?  Then Join Kim Jacobs, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor for Strength & Core with Kim.  This 45-minute total body strength training class will increase your strength, support your joints and increase your flexibility. This class emphasizes functional strength exercises to improve your movement in life. It is helpful for participants to have hand weights (one set of heavy weights and another of light) and a set of resistance bands.  Mondays and Wednesdays 7:15-8:00 am EST.  To sign up for this class email Kim at kim@bfitvt.com.

Let’s get cooking! Join Nancy Wind, coach, yoga instructor and founder of Peaks and Poses for a plant-based cooking series.  Recipes will be made available ahead of time.  Register for one session or all four.  Click here to register.  All workshops will be offered from 6:00-8:00 pm EST.

  • Monday, October 26th:   Learn about Ayurveda, food prep tips and eating with the seasons
  • Wednesday, November 4th: Plant based holiday cooking
  • Monday, November 16th: Plant based holiday cooking
  • Monday, December 7th: Self-care during the holidays and beyond

Finances are always a hot topic and Covid has certainly heightened financial stress for many of us.  Check out these live webinars brought to you by the team at My Secure Advantage and enhance your financial well-being.  Middlebury College employees are eligible for free financial coaching through My Secure Advantage

  • Getting & keeping good credit: Tuesday, November 10th 12:00-1:00 pm EST.  Register here
  • Your debt free game plan: Thursday, November 19th 12:00-1:00 pm EST.  Register here

Commit to get fit: If you’re ready to optimize your health and well-being, The Edge online 90 Day Commit to Get Fit Program is just what will help you do it.  The next program will be kicking off on Wednesday, October 28th and there is still time to register.  This comprehensive online wellness program is designed to provide an education to enrich your life and help you become healthier. Over the course of 13 weeks you will work with a health coach, a Registered Dietitian, and a personal trainer to support you to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors. Topics will include fitness, nutrition, stress management and behavior modification. This program will help you build a customized wellness plan, reduce your health risk factors, reduce body fat and gain muscle, better manage stress and learn how stay on track.   There is a fee associated with this program, but a portion may be covered by your health insurance and GMHEC will kick in a portion of the payment.  Sessions will be held on Wednesdays from 6:00-7:00 pm ESTTo learn more, contact Nicole Williams, Director of The Edge Preventative Care at NWilliams@edgevt.com.

EDGE Next Steps Nutrition & Exercise to Improve Type II Diabetes Program:  Do you have type II diabetes?  Would you like to gain the knowledge and confidence to improve your health?  If so, join the team from The Edge for this comprehensive eight-week program focused on the positive impact of nutrition and exercise to improve Type II Diabetes.  Over the course of the 8 weeks you will get: 

  • Weekly virtual group nutrition sessions
  • 3 one on one virtual nutrition sessions with a Registered Dietitian
  • Pre and Post Health Risk Assessment Screenings
  • In home or EDGE Exercise Plan designed by a certified exercise specialist
  • Access to discounted EDGE membership
  • Meal and Recipe Ideas to fuel your body and improve your insulin sensitivity

This program may be FULLY covered by your insurance plan.  Begins Wednesday, November 4th.   6:00-7:00 pm EST.  For more information or to reserve your spot contact genavix@edgevt.com or 802-951-2320.  Learn more about this program here

Supporting Remote Workers: Balancing family and work:  This is the second live webinar offered as part of the State of Vermont Worksite Wellness Workshop Series.  Join Natalie Glynn of Let’s Grow Kids to discuss strategies for how workplaces can support employees during this challenging time.  Thursday, November 5th 9:00-10:00 am EST.  Space is limited so register now. Register here

5 Ways to Improve Connection and Engagement with Remote Teams: Remote work looks different for every organization. But no matter if this is the first time 100% of your employees are working remotely, you have a hybrid system made of office and front line workers, or if only a handful of employees work from home a few days a week, we’re all challenged with the same thing, creating meaningful connection with our remote teams. So how are we able to fill the human connection gap? During this interactive webinar Director of Talent Development & Culture at BizLibrary, Libby Mullen, will explain simple ways to foster genuine conversations and bring your remote teams together.  Thursday, November 5th noon-1:00 pm EST.   Preregistration required.  Click here to register.  

Organization for Life:   Is your motto “organized chaos”? If you crave organization but struggle to achieve it, this webinar is for you.  Join the experts from New Directions Behavioral Health (NDBH) and come away with practical tips to overhaul your organization skills.  NDBH is the EAP provider for Champlain College, Middlebury College and St. Michael’s but this session is available to faculty and staff from all GMHEC colleges.  Wednesday, October 28th noon-1:00 pm EST or 3:00-4:00 pm EST.  Registration required.  Click here to register.  

Leading Through Adversity: Adapting to Uncertainty and Supporting Your Employees in the Face of Fatigue:  People face different adversities in the workplace, and it’s important for leaders to address those. This past year has challenged us to think about ourselves as humans first and leaders second.  In discussing adversities in the workplace caused by lack of racial justice, and also her very own journey in battling cancer, join Charlene Wheeless, CEO of advisory company Charlene Wheeless, LLC and chair of the Page Society for a conversation about how leaders can lead with compassion and overcome adversity in order to better connect with, engage and support their employees.  Wednesday, October 28th 2:00-3:00 pm EST.  Preregistration required. Click here to register. 

Feeling a little stiff or sore lately?  Wondering about the ergonomics of your at-home work station? Check out this short video presented by Brian Mitchell, Certified Ergonomist, and learn some tips and tricks that you can implement to help you set up a more ideal work station. 

And of course, our lunch time fitness classes with Jeff and Yoo-Sun continue as does our partnership with True Center Yoga.  The yoga schedule is posted on the calendar so check it out.  The calendar password is GMHECWell-Being.