Faculty at Home webinar – The Accessibility of Big Data

September 24 – 4:15 – 5:00 p.m ET

Jason Grant, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Alex Lyford, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Hosted by Caitlin Myers, John G. McCullough Professor of Economics

Big data are ubiquitous. Although this may not come as a surprise, you may be surprised at how easy these data are to access without any specialized technical skills! In this talk, we’ll begin by showing the power of accessing big data and the ease at which it can be done by the layperson. We’ll then discuss the pros and cons of the availability of such data and provide examples of each. Finally, we’ll talk about decisionmaking based on big data in facial recognition and how it will affect the future of humankind.

Jason Grant is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science. His research areas include computer vision and biometrics, with emphasis on detecting dangerous and abnormal crowd behavior in large crowds, especially at sporting events and mega-concerts.

Alex Lyford is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics, and he has been at Middlebury College since 2017. He recieved a Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Georgia, and his research areas of interest are machine learning, text analysis, statistics education, and math games.

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