Tell Us How Your Department Stays Connected

We want to know how your team is having fun and staying productive while working remotely.

Zoom meetings that resemble the opening credits of The Brady Bunch. Virtual happy hours and coffee klatches. Video backdrops for those Zoom meetings that place you on campus—or on the moon.

For those still on campus, the daily routine is no less alien. We wear masks and gloves and practice social distancing; there’s no longer the opportunity to meet as a group, whether for a work function or socially.

Yet we’re hearing that many departments and divisions and offices are devising creative ways to foster community among work cohorts. Those virtual coffee gatherings and happy hours are but a couple that we’ve heard about.

So, tell us what you’re doing—as a department or as a group of coworkers—to help make your work days feel more collegial.

We want to hear what you’re doing and celebrate it as a community. And in the process, perhaps we’ll come up with even more ideas that help us stay connected.

Please take a moment to jot down your ideas on this brief form. We’ll figure out how best to share your stories.